• High-Quality Service

    Shamrock: Promotions events feature high-quality food and beverage service for all in attendance!

  • Shamrock Promotions

    The promotional company that brought Strikeforce, FightMe MMA, and the WCL to St. Louis.

  • Class and Professionalism

    For 15 years we have endeavored to set the standard for professionalism in local MMA.

  • About Shamrock Promotions

    Read about the history of Shamrock Promotions and what we have in plan for the future.


About Shamrock Promotions

Shamrock Promotions is a St. Louis, Mo. based mixed martial arts (MMA) promotional company that organizes and runs regular events in the Midwest.

Founded over a decade ago, Shamrock Promotions has had key rolls in bringing Strikeforce, FightMe MMA, and Chuck Norris's WCL to St. Louis, Mo.

In 2011, Shamrock Promotions founded Shamrock Fighting Championships.

For more information on Shamrock Promotions, visit our About Us page.

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